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Woodcarving at the Center in Medfield

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By James Ensor
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Tucked away in a room at the Center across from the Kingsbury Club, a group of men diligently carved away at their newest projects. From an intricately carved bird with wood-burned features to a basic Santa Claus for the newest comer, these craftsmen were creating fantastic carvings out of simple blocks of American linden or basswood. The only tools necessary for this art form are a simple knife, gloves, and a ruler with added chisels and gouges for more advanced carvers.

“The only required carve is of Santa because it is a simple, achievable goal,” said Lou Fellini. “If you give a novice something too complex, they can get turned off.” Although the Santas are the introductory carving, Jim Cardell has fallen in love with creating them, and actually sells the various Santa Clauses to galleries in New Hampshire.

Pete Bosse was the man carving the bird, and his unique wood burning creates magnificent features that were giving the cactus wren lifelike qualities. He enjoys doing wood burning into sheets of wood and creating images through the burns. The latest piece he created in that style was a landscape view of a cabin with deer and geese visible in the foreground.

The club, made up of Lou Fellini, Jim Cardell, Pete Bosse, Bud Morill and Dave Mobley, is always looking for new members and is open to both men and women. After paying a small fee for supplies, new members will learn the basics of wood carving with the Santa Claus project. They are then free to pursue whatever carving projects their hearts desire.

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