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Troop 89 meets in Medfield

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Correspondent

Boy Scout Troop 89 in Medfield met on the evening of Thursday, January 5, at the Dale Street School. At this weekly meeting, the Troop hosted a local Naval Academy cadet who relayed his experiences as an enlisted serviceman.

According to Scout Master Jim Hatch, who has been an active Scoutmaster for over eight years, this meeting is one of many for this local Troop, which frequently hosts speakers and events for their Scouts.

The Scouts proved to be excellent hosts as they set up the Dale Street School cafeteria to mimic a lecture hall set-up for their speaker. The Scouts began their meeting with a flag ceremony before one of the Troop elders led all of those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.

In order to thank their esteemed guest after his presentation, two Scouts offered their guest an honorary hat and tee-shirt to represent their Troop.

In an organized fashion, the Troop members joined together again to perform a closing flag ceremony and bring their meeting to completion.

The Boy Scouts are a wonderful organization that creates ample opportunities for these boys to construct memorable experiences, form brotherhoods, and learn the importance of leadership, responsibility, and playing a role in bettering the community.

Troop 89 is an impressive group, as more than 75 percent of Troop 89 boys achieve the highest rank that exists within the organization: the Eagle Scout. The members of this troop truly exemplify the quest to become a young man that they can be proud of.

For further information regarding joining the Scouts, contact Scoutmaster Jam Hatch by visiting

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