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The Zullo Gallery is decked out

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By James Ensor
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Overlooking the town hall, the library, the center of town and the sunset, patrons gathered at the Zullo Gallery’s weekly Thursday evening barbecue on its rooftop deck. The gallery itself is up a flight of stairs across from the Medfield Library. Founded in 1988, what once was a barren-looking second floor of the central building has been transformed by owner Bill Pope into a spacious and inviting gallery with retractable hanging partitions that display paintings and photographs.

Starting in 2007, the gallery began hosting weekly Thursday evening gatherings during the summer. A crowd of over twenty people sat and enjoyed hot dogs, hamburgers, beer and wine out on the deck.

“It serves to give people the opportunity to enjoy being downtown,” said owner Bill Pope, “as well as to see the current exhibit.”

Right now, the gallery is displaying ‘art from MotherBrook,’ a studio in Dedham. The artists featured are typical of what the Zullo likes to display - a mixture of both emerging and experienced artists. Currently on display are Terry Boutelle, Danielle Coenen, Suzanne Grey, Wendy Hill, Brendan Joyce, Julia Russell, Dennis Stein, Betsy Vanoot, and Percy Fortini-Wright. Mr. Stein is a photographer from Medfield, and he was the one who informed Bill Pope of MotherBrook’s existence. Paintings and photographs range in price from a few hundred dollars to one piece that was appraised for $17,000.

Most people, however, were not at the Gallery to purchase art, but simply to enjoy the atmosphere provided by Pope and the Zullo Gallery. Art school student Shelby was behind the bar, and has been for the past four summers. “I’ve seen it grow every summer,” she said. This news came as no surprise, the deck is in a prime location at the center of town, food and drink were readily available, and the artwork on display was veritably impressive.

Works ranged from graffiti style painting on canvasses to a portrait of President Theodore Roosevelt on a recycled door.

“This is what we like to do,” said Pope, “bring in a wide variety of artwork for people to enjoy.” The exhibit from MotherBrook is up until August 28, and is one of six yearly showings at the Zullo.

Coming up is the 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition, from September 17 - November 5. The exhibition is open to all artists over 18, working on any medium. They may submit three pieces, and if the outside expert judges them among the top 60 works submitted, they will go on display for the Juried Exhibition.

Food and drink on the deck will continue to occur every Thursday evening for the rest of the summer.

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