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Tai Chi at the Center

By Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese martial art dating back to 1670, is a multifaceted practice encompassing martial prowess, self-defense, and meditation. It serves as a conduit for achieving harmony between mind and body through its fluid and graceful motions.

On Friday, August 11th, members of Medfield's Council on Aging group convened in the late morning at the Center to enhance their Tai Chi skills. With newcomers joining the session, the Tai Chi class welcomed participants with enthusiasm and open arms.

The class commenced with stretching exercises, setting the stage for their Tai Chi routine. Accompanied by soothing music that permeated the room, the environment was ideal for meditation. Guided by Jeanne Donnelly, the participants followed a series of instructions aimed at enhancing their balance, mental clarity, and abdominal strength.

Subsequent to deliberate slow movement walking, the focus shifted to a hand-eye coordination exercise that bolsters concentration and equilibrium. The class devoted approximately 15 minutes to refining this movement, which concluded as the final component of their Tai Chi routine. After achieving proficiency in the coordination exercise, participants seamlessly transitioned into the routine they had been diligently practicing for weeks. The synchronized movements and unwavering concentration showcased during this segment made the intricate routine appear more effortless than it truly is.

Upon the conclusion of the class, participants shared their reflections on Tai Chi. One member remarked, "Tai Chi not only induces relaxation for one's health but also tranquility for the spirit, mind, and blood pressure. The foundational principles of Tai Chi also encompass a gradual form of self-defense, a facet I deeply appreciate."

Donnelly, the instructor, disclosed that she leads another class on Fridays following the Tai Chi session—a Core Balance class that garners considerable interest. Donnelly derives gratification from teaching and establishing connections within the community.

Above all, her primary objective is to foster social interaction and physical activity among participants of the Council on Aging.

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