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Summer concerts back in full swing

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

Attending MEMO's summer concerts at the Gazebo has long been a beloved activity for Medfielders. For years, townsfolk have showed up in droves on balmy evenings for the free, two-hour-long concerts. It's quintessential Medfield: great music, a breezy vibe, and smiling families everywhere.

The concerts were casualty of the pandemic, making for a rather quiet summer of 2020. They're back this year, and the excitement is palpable.

Families came last Thursday, armed with pizzas, lawn chairs and picnic blankets to lay out on the grass. Friends gathered together, popping open drinks as they awaited the start of the night’s entertainment, Back Pages. Back Pages is a Massachusetts-based band that includes Medfield resident Steve McCrossan. Throughout the evening, the band played a medley of hit rock songs that had audience members grooving along to the music.

Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization (MEMO) coordinates many iconic Medfield events, including the Gazebo concerts, the yearly holiday tree lighting and parade, and Medfield Day. The summer concerts are the first MEMO events to come back in full capacity. “We were ecstatic. At first, we were kind of in prep mode, like: 'Do we need to have masks? How many sanitizer stations do we need to have? What do we need to do?'” recalled MEMO president Jennifer Bradbury.

Shortly after, COVID-19 restrictions were loosened by the state, making it easy for the concerts to take place.  

Those who appreciate music can always find something to enjoy in the Gazebo concerts. The youngest members of the crows also have a bit of fun, dancing to the music, playing games with friends, or just enjoying a slice of pizza with their families. Some kids even picked out library books and read during the concert. “I love that this is kid-friendly,” commented one patron. 

The Woods family enjoyed their first Gazebo concert. “One of my best friend’s fathers is playing in the band," said Tom Woods, "and we’ve been trying to see them for years. We live in town and it’s a nice night. We’ve heard a lot of positive things about shows in town.”

There will be two more concerts at the Gazebo this summer. The Stacey Peasley Band will be entertaining on August 5, while the Grass Gypsys will be taking the stage on August 19.

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