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Seniors pampered by cosmetology students

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

On Friday, April 14th, The Center at Medfield was pampered by the freshman and junior cosmetology students from Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School. The students provided hand and arm massages to the seniors and manicures while music played in the background.

The senior who participated in the pampering picked gorgeous spring colors for their nails, from pastel pink and lilac to cobalt blue. The colors were truly stunning and served as a marker that spring is in the air.
The ladies who were in attendance truly enjoyed the hour of being pampered by the young girls, as well as socializing with them throughout their manicures. Smiles were shared among the young ladies and the seniors throughout the event, as it was plain to see they truly enjoyed to be in one another’s company.

“When I first started in my new position back in January as the Medfield, COA Director I knew I wanted to try to offer more intergenerational programs,” COA Director, Sarah Hanifan shared. The installment of intergenerational program allows for these different generations to come together so they are able to learn from one another, which helps to improve the community the formation of these connections between the generations help to combat agism, social isolation, loneliness, and negative stereotypes.

“I was so pleased when I was able to connect with Donna Flynn, from the Cosmetology Dept at Tri-County, and coordinate a special event for the seniors here at the Center. I feel every generation has so much to teach and learn from one another. It's incredible to see different generations come together to form new friendships,” Hanifan stated. These types of programs help aid the older generation to transmit cultural traditions to the younger generations and allow the younger generation to provide the seniors with enjoyment and increased activity levels. It is a wonderful sentiment that the COA director has to want to implement more programs like these.

The Center hopes to have these cosmetology students return soon, hopefully in time for Mother’s Day.

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