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Medfield students complete senior projects

Superintendent Jeffrey Marsden has shared that 53 students participated in Medfield High School’s Senior Project program this year.

This year’s program had 38 projects with 53 participating students. Students completed projects in interest areas such as art, video, podcasts, music and teaching. Many student projects also recapped internship experiences in various sectors and industries.

Seniors participating in the program were selected through a project application and an interview. Participants completed their project during fourth term in place of attending classes. As part of the program, students created and maintained a professional blog, made and presented a multimedia presentation, wrote a final paper and worked with mentors from the high school staff and community.

Some of the projects seniors worked on this year include:

Katie Farrell, part-time intern at Governor Baker's office – Katie worked directly with constituents and learned more about the workings of state government.

Katelyn Malvese, connective tissue disorder health – Katelyn made a physical therapy regimen, crafted specifically for herself and her connective tissue disorder. She researched the condition and worked with a trainer to create her own plan for health and strength.

Jordan Wilson, experimental art portfolio - Jordan created paintings using a variety of historically significant techniques to expand her artistic horizons.

Kasey Douglas, marketing intern – Kasey did marketing communications work for Blue Water Dancewear. She helped expand the brand’s social media presence by completing photoshoots to use on social channels. Kasey also created a magazine spread for the brand.

Morgan Caro, volunteer at service dog training farm – Morgan completed her senior project at Golden Opportunities for Independence, a service dog organization, where she helped socialize and train puppies.

Alan music group album – This team of three students wrote, arranged and recorded an album.

“Senior Projects allow students to create their own individualized experience outside of the classroom,” Superintendent Marsden said. “Students pursue their interests while learning to face challenges, set their own goals and work independently.”

The Senior Project program began in 2014 with one senior project and grew to nine projects in its second year. The program has grown steadily each year, resulting in 38 projects this year.

Senior Project co-advisers Ksenija Broks and Gwynne Sawtelle have worked to grow the program by engaging the junior class. Seniors present their experiences to junior students, which has helped inspire those students to consider their interests and possible projects for their senior year.

“The projects provide a culminating experience for our high school seniors,” Broks said. “Students are able to explore a potential career, provide a service to the community, or research a personal interest, while also focusing on personal and professional growth.”

All of Medfield High School’s 2019 Senior Projects can be found at

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