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Medfield COA enjoys monthly breakfast

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

Early risers recently congregated at the Center with the Medfield Council on Aging for a breakfast celebration on Thursday, December 8.

Chef Mike LaFrancesca gifted the COA with his culinary skills. Seniors enjoyed homemade french toast with powdered sugar and syrup. Complete with a side of sausage, the meal was, from the looks of the seniors, a great one. 

Commemorating the transition into the new year, the meal provided an exceptional wrap up for 2022 -- and an opportunity to celebrate the current festive season. While the tasty food provided the physical nourishment on the morning, it seemed secondary to the camaraderie and good cheer that abounded. Men cracked jokes with one another, while women saved seats for close-knit groups of friends. Coffee in hand, discussion naturally flowed for these early birds. Celebrating the holiday season with familiar faces in a warm, friendly atmosphere seemed a perfect way to spend a morning during the first full week of the month. 

Looking forward to the monthly get-together, COA Director Roberta Lynch reveled in her last few weeks in the role. Lynch has been Director of the Medfield COA for over twenty years. In that time, she has connected with seniors and the community at large, helping others along every step of the journey. Ready to pass the torch to current Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Hanifan, the two have the primary common goal of keeping seniors safe and happy. 

“Our December breakfast is something to look forward to. We do a monthly breakfast," Lynch exclaimed. "With COVID it was difficult, but we’re back.” Once she finished serving with volunteers and staff, the director was finally able to enjoy her own breakfast with seniors. She pulled up a chair and was welcomed with the same enthusiasm that everyone who steps through Center's doors experiences.

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