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Medfield celebrates Eve Potts Day

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

To find something Eve Potts has not done in Medfield would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. People of all ages have come to know Mrs. Potts for her cool but determined attitude and her long list of talents. In the years since she moved here, Potts has become a fixed figure in many local organizations, the schools, and at the Center.

The town of Medfield made sure she received her well-deserved recognition in honor of her 90th birthday.

On Monday, June 10, Eve Potts was attending a meet-and-greet held at the Center for residents to get to know Michelle Guerette, Medfield’s new police chief. About an hour into the meeting, Medfield Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler took Guerette’s place at the podium and surprised the birthday girl with an announcement: June 10th was officially Eve Potts Day, as stated in a proclamation read aloud.

The proclamation highlighted many of the different roles and accomplishments Potts has achieved since moving to Medfield from California over fifty years ago. Her work as a Garden Club member and as a beloved home economics teacher at Medfield High School, as well as her hours spent volunteering with the Medfield Girl Scouts and the Medfield Food Cupboard, were featured in the proclamation. Her efforts at the Center were also presented; she has worked there as a volunteer bus driver and as the director of landscaping.

“Therefore, now it be resolved that, on the ninetieth year of her birth, we, the Board of Selectmen of the town of Medfield, do officially proclaim June 10, 2019 to be Eve Potts Day and ask the citizens of Medfield to join with us in honoring her numerous contributions to the town of Medfield,” read Trierweiler.

Potts’ family convinced her to go to the meeting. One of her children had traveled from Amherst and had set up her brand-new smart TV while Potts went to the meeting. With family visiting, Potts considered not attending. Ultimately, it was her kids who convinced her to go, knowing exactly what was awaiting their mom. “This was a big surprise,” Potts exclaimed.

Her daughters, Carol Mendoza and Mary Von Alt, were on hand to see their mother recognized for her work in the community. Both are amazed at how she never seems to stop. “I love how much energy she has,” said Mendoza. “Sometimes, we can’t even keep up with it.”

“I just love how she is with people,” said Von Alt. “She’s such a hit at parties and is always a blast to hang out with.”

Potts, of course, received a birthday cake, along with the proclamation that was shared with everyone in the room. But when asked what her favorite part about turning 90 was, Potts quickly replied: “All of my wonderful family and friends.”

With Eve Potts still determined and vivacious as ever, friends and family can only wonder what she will do next.

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