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Masses move to Medfield Day

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

Each year, residents of Medfield come together on the third Saturday in September for a town-wide celebration. This year’s took place on the second Saturday - but that didn’t put a damper on the experience; the myriad attendees who attended on the cool fall day were thoroughly excited to celebrate the 40th annual Discover Medfield Day.

People of all ages could find something to enjoy at Medfield Day. Across from Meeting House Pond were countless businesses selling their goods, as well as a few of Medfield High School’s sports teams, who were raising money for their teams. “Look at this scarf I just got for my mother,” commented one visitor showing her off her gift, before resuming her hunt for a piece of jewelry.

Medfielders who arrived around lunch time had the chance to grab some food and listen to live music. “Nothing better than eating a hot dog today,” said one fair-goer as they added relish to their lunch. Others enjoyed some barbecue or even a cool treat from a local ice cream truck - perhaps the last of the season. From the seating area in the shade, visitors were able to enjoy their tasty lunch while listening to the tunes of local band Route 109. Some kids found the cotton candy especially divine as the plopped pieces of the treat in their mouths while wandering around the fair.

Medfield Day 2019. Photo by Audrey Anderson.

Medfield Day 2019. Photo by Audrey Anderson.

Some kids played tag, catch, and other fun games around the green next to Meeting House Pond. Other children ventured over to the carnival section of Medfield Day, where seemingly every bounce house imaginable sat next to Montrose School. “I want to do the slide one,” said one pre-teen to her gaggle of friends, pointing to the attraction, ticket in hand. The youngest of visitors, meanwhile, enjoyed the red trackless train that drove over Montrose’s sports fields.

Sibilings Audrey, 8, and Gabriel, 6, were among the many children at the celebration who sat down and enjoyed painting a pumpkin next to First Parish UU. With this being their third Medfield Day, the Egberts and their father all know exactly what this celebration was about. “Being able to get outside and be a part of the community,” said Michael Egbert on his favorite part of the festival. “It’s nice that this event gives everyone an opportunity to do that.”

Despite the lingering chance of rain, all in attendance seemed to have enjoyed their Medfield Day. Whether they spent it shopping, engaging with community groups, browsing some crafts, or enjoying lunch with some great entertainment, there was something for everyone.

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