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LEGO Club participants build imagination

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

One of the Medfield Library's most popular activities has become LEGO Club. Perfectly placed during February break, the meeting on Friday, February 21, yielded yet another round of impressive builds.

Charlotte Cassidy, who led this LEGO Club session, began with an important reminder for all participating builders: "Build whatever comes into your head, the way you want it! It's the imagination that counts!" she said, before letting the kids begin their projects. Within minutes, the kids had used all of their creativity (and some engineering nous) to make unique LEGO structures.

Charlotte Cassidy sees the results of imagination and some LEGO each week in the library. "They're doing something they love … I'm just encouraging and nurturing it while giving them the tools," explained Cassidy, who sees firsthand what a potent combination youthful imagination and LEGOs can make.

Aine and Fionn Twohig joined forces to build a Pokemon battle field.

Aine and Fionn Twohig joined forces to build a Pokemon battle field.

Each child was given one large LEGO base to use as a start for their unique creation. The children then began scouring several buckets filled to the brim with LEGOs to find the perfect parts for their structures. "We need a hat, if anyone can find a hat," called out one group. Other kids snapped together pieces to make props, including a pineapple, an alligator, and a cave.

"I love that we're all helping each other find pieces," said Charlotte, impressed with the group's teamwork as she aided in the search for LEGO figures and missing pieces.

The children’s imaginations came to life with a few layers of blocks and some expert arranging. "I'm going to build a Pokémon house for an Essa!" explained Fionn Twohig. An Essa is a gray, snake-like Pokémon.

Another child created a secret horse house that included a trap. Her brother, meanwhile created an almost perfect scene of a boat stuck out at sea with a shark circling.

Two siblings teamed up and built a well-stocked pet store.

At the end of the session, the kids carefully carried their creations over to a bookshelf to be displayed. The results were clear: LEGOs provide the perfect opportunity for creativity - and they’re not bad as library decor, either.

"The sky’s the limit with LEGOs. You can build anything with LEGOs,” said Cassidy. “Even things that don't even exist.”

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