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Ladies paint at The Center

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

On Thursday, May 18th, local ladies gathered together at The Center at Medfield to participate in a Ladies Paint Night.

The night began at 5pm, where the ladies met up with each other and enjoyed beverages and light refreshments, such as chips and salsa, pretzels, and cupcakes. After everyone enjoyed some snacks and conversation, all of the ladies were ready to begin the project.

The room was set up with a station for each of the ladies to let their creative side shine. Each participant started off with a blank canvas, brushes, and the same arrangement of colored acrylic paint. Step by step artist Casey Worth walked the ladies through how to recreate the model painting that each piece would be based on. Some followed Worth’s instructions intently, step by step, while others ran with the image and truly went off to make the painting their very own.

Everyone in attendance was laughing, complimenting each other's work, and just genuinely having a wonderful time creating in the company of friends and familiar faces.
This event began last year, thanks to COA Director, Sarah Hanifan. She offered to share some of the history behind this crowd favorite event: “Last year I wanted to offer a paint class on International Women's Day. I worked with my volunteers and we were able to get a posting on one of the Medfield Community Facebook Pages asking for recommendations for a local paint instructor. Casey Worth responded right away offering to volunteer her time and talent to teach the class. That's how this all got started, and it's become such a popular event we keep holding events with Casey. We just wrapped up our fourth paint night. Casey is a true gem to the Center and to the Medfield Community. The ladies absolutely love her classes.”

It is plain to see with all the smiling faces that the ladies truly enjoyed letting their creative side run wild with the help of Casey Worth. Each of the guests were able to bring their paintings home and share with loved ones what they had created.
Hanifan shared that The Center is hoping to host another paint night in either August or September for the seniors to enjoy.

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