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Holiday Exhibit 2023 at the Zullo Gallery

by Audrey Anderson

Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Zullo Gallery's delightful Holiday Exhibit 2023 opened on November 18 and will run through January 7. The exhibit was described by the gallery as "a variety of unique, quality, affordable art, $50-$375. On December 7, the gallery held an Artists' Reception that was attended by a crowd of art lovers and holiday shoppers.

Wade Zahares exhibited a bright, fantastical group of giclee prints of pastels, including Let's Go Skiing, a piece featuring a snowman sliding over hills of snow. He clutched a broom, wore a top hat, and sported a plaid scarf and buttons. Others of his bright, colorful pieces featured trains, horses, and holiday villages.

A group of bright digital artworks by David Biedrzycki included fantasy scenes with unicorns and villages in blue and white, natural beach scenes, and mechanical robots, among other subjects.

Rebecca Skinner presented photos printed on metal. Her subject was the interior of abandoned buildings showing peeling paint, torn wallpaper, graffiti, and vines growing within rooms. One notable photograph showed the contrast between a rundown, abandoned room with a view through a broken window of perfect nature in the form of fields, sky, and clouds.

Charming, small oil paintings by Tatiana Roulin were a delight to view. Her Holiday Tea glowed with a gold frame and sumptuous jewel tones. Her other subjects included nature, fruit, Cape Cod scenes, and a sparkling winter morning.

Colored pencil drawings by Deborah Friedman showed natural and realistic birds of several species, nests, and stones. Winter Watch included a hawk in a winter wood, with a palette limited to browns and whites.

Kim Weineck included small acrylic paintings of botanical and other natural subjects. Her cozy, rectangular Moonrise depicted beach grasses in tan and the ocean in blue and white, framed by a dark wood frame.

Phillip Truths offered bright, high contrast photographs of Americana subjects, such as a farm, a boat and fishing gear, and a farm stand. Other photographs were of scenes in Hawaii, Siena, Italy, and of the Medfield State Hospital, among others.

Finally, Kimberly Stonely's colleges featured cool colors with warm accents and geometric shapes. 

There is still time to stop by and view the intriguing pieces on view in Holiday Show 2023. Why not spend a quiet afternoon in the cozy Zullo Gallery, letting your mind ponder the scenes presented by the show's talented artists?

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