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Hinkley honored by Medfield Housing Authority

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

The Medfield Housing Authority, located at 30 Pound Street, opened its doors for a special celebration last Tuesday evening, August 9: it dedicated its community room in honor of Paul Hinkley.  Hinkley was once the only facilities employee at Tilden village; he’s spent over three decades caring for the property -- and more importantly, the people of Medfield.

Paul Hinkley is pleasantly surprised by the ice cream truck.

Hinkley has since now retired, but his sense of duty and involvement in the community is far from over. Commissioner Lisa Donovan had plenty of kind words to share about the man of the hour. 

“The maintenance supervisor does not need to attend the Housing Authority meetings. I don’t remember a meeting when he wasn’t there. Now he’s voted onto the Medfield Housing Authority board.” Donovan was joined by board members, friends of Hinkley, and residents in celebration. 

Paul and Laurene Hinkley smile outside of the Paul Hinkley Community Room. 

A local ice cream truck parked outside and aided residents and friends in the celebration. Hinkley scoped out the property and spoke over the truck's music, holding an ice cream cone. “We just want to have arrangements. This area is close to town; we are always looking to make things better.” Hinkley’s been a part of snowstorms and spring cleanups over the past thirty years. His attitude towards improvement remains ineffable.

Donovan shared that Hinkley’s impact, for some, is lifesaving. “For those residents that lived here that didn’t have people to look after them -- he was their people,” she said. 

As the eyes and ears of the Housing Authority, Executive Director Candace Loewen appreciates Hinkley’s help. “He’s letting us know what projects are imperative. He made all those connections. He made sure to integrate that so the Housing Authority could be the best it could be.” 

The Paul Hinkley Community Room holds celebrations, parties and everyday events at Tilden village that will serve the community -- just as Hinkley did -- for decades to come. 

Further information on the Medfield Housing Authority can be found at

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