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Fresh air at Vine Lake Cemetery

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The 53-degree weather on Saturday in March warranted some much-needed outside time. Taking a brief moment for myself, I was recommended Vine Lake cemetery to decompress. Immediately, I felt a sense of comfort wash over me. The breeze was flowing at just the right tempo and the shadows seemed to hit patches of grass just right.

I walked for half a mile before I settled on a shadier spot and nestled between some weathered rocks. Worth the uphill climb, Vine Lake and a cemetery background were in view. The stone perimeter of the lake coupled with a tree line made this open area a cure for the ails of winter. I claimed a patch of moss and watched leaves laze in the sunlight. With my head against twigs, pine needles, and no doubt, some tiny insects, I acknowledged the earth beneath me and took the deepest inhale I remember taking in ages. The exhalation felt just as cathartic. I watched wispy clouds stroll by.

Vine Lake cemetery proved itself to be an ideal spot to people watch. Dog walkers, children, and friends congregated for a weekend catch-up. The lake was mostly still. A pair of fishermen patiently waited for a bite. Along the main entrance was a path that led to a stream. A small footbridge yielded a wonderful view of the property. The faint babble of the waterfall accompanied by bird calls and children’s joyous outdoor voices signaled spring vitality at Vine Lake cemetery.

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