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FOSI Treats COA on Valentine’s Day

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

Medfield seniors congregated at The Center last Tuesday, February 14th to partake in their annual Valentine’s Day chocolate tasting. Friends of The Seniors, Inc (FOSI) hosted the event.

FOSI members were accompanied by two COA volunteers to set up the tables, plate the various chocolate treats for sampling, and serve the attendees.

Director of the Medfield Council on Aging Sarah Hanifan informed the seniors that: “FOSI has been here since ten a.m. setting up tables and chocolate.” The group, along with their volunteers, worked for four and a half hours to put together their glorious arrayment of treats for the seniors' delight.

Hanifan shared that this annual event, which has been ongoing for about five years now, is very much loved by the COA members. This proved to be true, as nearly every table was filled for this affair.

After giving her thanks to FOSI and their guests, the COA director welcomed everyone to head over to the table to fill their plates with chocolate goodies.

The seniors trickled up, table by table, to sample the different delicacies that were being served. The medley of chocolate treats included: mouse, éclairs, cupcakes, whoopie pies, chocolate covered strawberries, cake, cookies, fudge, and chocolate covered salted caramel bites. The dessert assortment was accompanied by a coffee bar, which paired well with the sweet course The Center had provided.

Hanifan made her rounds through the tables, after the guests had been served their first course of dessert. She surveyed which dessert was the fan favorite and, according to the director, the mouse was a hit! The decadent treat was loved by nearly everyone in attendance.

Many guests came up for seconds, as the COA director manned the table so FOSI members and their volunteers could enjoy the treats as well.

The attendees chatted with friends over their delicious platters. The room echoed with laughter, stories, and the low hum of music playing over the speakers.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate, as you could feel the love radiate through the dining room of The Center.

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