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Fairy Walk brings magic to Medfield

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

Although it was an exceptionally dreary last Saturday, families from all over flocked together at the Bellforge Arts Center for an enchanting afternoon. This year marked the second annual Fairy Walk. Locals were encouraged to explore the grounds at the Bellforge to see the magical fairy houses. This year, over twenty fairy houses were on display.

All of the fairy houses were handcrafted by locals; whether it be individuals, families, groups, organizations, or local businesses. Each one of the houses are uniquely decorated with a variety of materials. The homes were constructed by using both used and natural materials, such as stones, pinecones, cardboard, wood, paint, and a variety of other materials. The guidelines were very general for this project, which allowed all of the participants to engage in their creative side. The results were stunning; no two homes looked alike, they all harbored their own unique style and magic. It was plain to see that a lot of care, effort, and creativity were put into designing these tiny homes.

All of the children delighted in trying to peer into the homes to see if a fairy was residing within the walls. The grounds at the Bellforge were packed with people, flowing in and out to see the fairy houses.

The fairy houses were on display in a county fair type of atmosphere, as the afternoon event included food trucks, local vendors, various crafts for the children, such as face painting and decorating wood cookies, and live performances, which included musical performances and dance performances. Medfield residents and visitors from other towns ventured out to allow their children to be mystified by the handcrafted houses.

Although there was a chill in the air on this Saturday afternoon, the enchantment of the event warmed the hearts of all.

For more events like this at the Bellforge Arts Center, check out their website:

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