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Extreme Earth in the Pfaff Center

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By James Ensor
Hometown Weekly Reporter

For a week, young geologists learned a bit more about just how our world works. From Monday, August 15, to Friday, August 19, campers enjoyed the Extreme Earth program at the Pfaff Center.

“This program focuses on geology, mostly, so today we are doing geodes, we made wind turbines, we made solar cars, we’re dyeing carnations and we’ve talked about pollution,” said Katie Kelliher, head counselor for Extreme Earth. “It’s all about the earth, and that’s the focus of this particular program.”

On Friday August 19, the last day of the weeklong program, the very solar cars that the campers made earlier in the week were on display. Also in front of the campers were some very aesthetically astonishing geodes that the roughly one-dozen kids in the program were curiously examining.

Environmental awareness at an early age will prove invaluable in the years to come, and judging by the thrilled looks on the eager young scientists faces, the program will pay dividends in the classroom. The first through fifth-grade campers would not have been exposed to some of the concepts talked about in Extreme Earth until middle school.

New this year, Extreme Earth seems to have a bright future in Medfield, as campers headed home with fossils, solar powered cars and a newfound knowledge about how our planet works.

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