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Tots in the Kitchen create sweet treats

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

An early morning wake-up call didn’t deter toddlers from making their way to Powisset Farm for Tots in the Kitchen on Tuesday, September 20. The class, taught by Jamie Picard, featured a special sweet treat: delicious homemade chocolate whoopie pies

Kids said hello to their friends and parents milled about, the conversation flowing casually as the little ones washed their hands and got ready to get working. The spacious kitchen accommodated the tiniest of chefs as they stood on volunteer-made wooden steps to reach the Powisset kitchen island. Picard gave toddlers measuring cups and spoons and went step by step in measuring out dry ingredients.

The kids, accompanied by caregivers, practiced their leveling skills like professionals and scooped cocoa powder and flour into a mixing bowl. Then, the little bakers took turns at the microwave melting butter. They cracked eggs while Picard separated the eggshells as compost. The kids then added the wet ingredients, gave it a good stir, and they were ready to scoop. The batter of the whoopie pie went onto a baking sheet while waiting children colored pictures of the finished product. 

For filling, chefs melted butter, added powdered sugar and fluff (the secret ingredient) — no one could resist a taste test. Picard then gave a final frosting tutorial that children closely followed. 

The recipe was simple, once Picard broke it down. “We started off doing cookies and muffins and then I realized they had the ability to do anything,” she explained. “They can cook what we can cook as adults. We started to do more complicated items, like homemade tortillas, zucchini cupcakes… It’s great to see they can actually participate in adult cooking. They gain a lot of confidence and are willing to try more.”

Picard remembered when her child was a toddler, “There were no programs for toddlers… Unfortunately the pandemic hit and we weren’t able to do [in-person programming]. After all of that, we brought classes back and we started our Tots in the Kitchen. It took off. We have people that come regularly, monthly or weekly. It’s nice to have a lot of regulars.” 

Toddlers’ reactions to eating homemade whoopie pies — before noon, for that matter! — was priceless. The atmosphere of creativity and joy made this iteration of Tots in the Kitchen a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all attendees. 

Powisset Farm also offers a program for older children, Kiddos in the Kitchen, and adult cooking classes. For further information, visit

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