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Tile Painting FUNdraiser on tap

The Friends of the Dover Library are conducting a Tile Painting FUNdraiser.

Everyone from very young children to teens and adults will have an opportunity to design and paint tiles that will be permanently displayed inside the Library. The tiles will not only add beauty to the library, but present a unique way to celebrate community. Infants can leave a handprint, finger-painters can create a rainbow of color, or more accomplished artists can paint a tile inspired by a favorite book or their own family.

Tiles are $100 for one, $175 for two, and $250 for three. Profits fund library programs, technology, unique items and toys, digital subscriptions, museum passes and much more.

The Library Friends are partnering with Park Street Books for this second edition of the Tile Painting FUNdraiser. Park Street Books will hold two painting workshops at the Library, during which they will provide all the materials, as well as guidance and instructions on how to create a tile masterpiece. Those who can’t make it to one of the workshops are welcomed to Park Street Books from now to July 31, during regular business hours. Park Street Books is located at 504 Main St, Medfield.

Workshops are being held on Wednesday, May 8, from 2-4 p.m., and Wednesday, May 15, from 4-8 p.m.

All tiles should be painted by July 31 and should be installed by the end of the Summer Reading Program.

Tiles can be purchased online at, or in person at the two workshops held at the Library. Those choosing to paint their tiles at Park Street Books must purchase their tiles prior to going in; receipts will be required for Park Street Books to provide participants with a tile and the painting materials.

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