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Sherborn COA hikes to beat the heat

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

This summer has been full of great weather and multiple activities centered around enjoying the outdoors. With COVID restrictions subsiding and programs returning to full capacity, the Sherborn Council on Aging held its weekly walk of the Holliston Rail Trail.  

Friends Joan, Dennis, and Marie smile and chat while trekking.

Starting the day off on the right foot, folks met at the gazebo on Central street early Thursday morning, July 14 for a walk. 

Along for the excursion, Assistant Director Kristina Gallant, planned the next COA event, a kayak excursion on Farm Pond. The walkers made quick work of the trail, as most have been routinely walking for a couple years now. “We started in May 2020 at the peak of COVID. We were shut down and wanted to do something outdoors. We wore masks for a long time until vaccinations came out.”

“It’s my favorite part of the day. We get our steps in, we get to see each other. It’s really great being out here with everyone,” Gallant smiled and continued on with the active group. Lasting about an hour, seniors walked about three miles total to Summer Street and back to the gazebo. A flat, well-maintained walking path stretched out over Holliston’s Upper Charles Trail served as an excellent excuse to get outside and chat with friends. The Central Street to Summer Street route, known as the “stone dust trail,” showcases views of multiple footbridges, the Phipps Tunnel, and even a family-run horse stable, complete with a clearing to watch the horses roam. Picnic tables and benches are available for seating and leisure, as well. 

Walkers take a break and pose outside of Phipps Tunnel. 

Walkers chatted about weather and town news whilst picking up the pace. Thankfully, the trail was cool and shady. Folks were encouraged to walk at their own respective paces. The group typically has anywhere from five to twelve walkers, suited in sneakers, hats, and some with walking sticks.

The Sherborn COA sends weekly email blasts, and there is an event calendar on their website. Further information is available at

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