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Sherborn children sing and swing

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Correspondent

Sherborn locals recently took their little ones to the Sherborn Community Center on a snowy
morning to learn about wintertime with local children's entertainer Deb Hudgins.

Hudgins taught the children through winter-themed songs, such as “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolph
The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, just to name a few. The kids danced and frolicked around the room
with jingle bells of their own, which Hudgins provided for them. For her part, the star of the show
rocked a red nose and reindeer antlers during her rendition of Rudolph, which brought smiles
and laughter to the young Sherbornites in attendance.

Audience participation was key for Hudgins and kept the crowd engaged. When she performed
a song about playing in the snow, for example, she paused after every verse to bring up
different winter activities -- such as sledding, making a snowman, throwing snowballs, ice
skating, and making snow angels -- so those in attendance could act out the activities while she
sang about it. Not only did the children learn about various winter activities through song, but
they were able to pair it with different types of movement as well, stimulating both their bodies
and imaginations.

Hudgins read two stories to the children, as wellL “Ten On The Sled,” by Kim Norman, a very
silly tale that had the children erupting in giggles throughout her reading; and “Hello Snow!” by
Hope Vestergaurd, which discussed the different activities winter brings along with it.

Deb Hudgins has been performing for children for many years. She started playing guitar when
she was only twelve years old and started performing in kids programs when she was only in
high school. “It is my joy performing for kids," she simply stated. "I really enjoy it.”

Her words proved to be very true -- by the event's end, Hudgins' smile shined as brightly as
those of the happy children surrounding her.

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