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Powisset Farm ignites new holiday tradition

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

Regular visitors to Powisset Farm know all about its many charms. From adorable pigs to the rustic barn with its up-to-date kitchen to woodland trails, every corner of this property seems to bring joy. Despite the cold weather, Powisset Farm was the site of some holiday joy on Saturday, December 7. Instead of lighting a traditional Christmas fir tree, the farm began a new tradition of lighting up a hay bale tree.

Guests arriving for the celebration were greeted by Powisset staff and the sight of almost a dozen hay bales stacked on top of each other in the shape of a tree. The “tree” itself was created using a tractor by Eli Roshina and Mike Francis.

Guests were encouraged to enjoy two of the warm bonfires or move to the party space in the barn. Inside were refreshments to nosh on as they waited for the hay bale lighting. Guests were welcome to grab beer or wine, or even a hot toddy. The smell of popcorn danced through the air and guests could purchase s’more kits to use over the bonfires outside.

“We’ve never done an outside holiday event, and it’s important because this farm is a really key part of the community … we thought it was important for everyone to gather together and do something a little different to celebrate the holidays,” said director DA Hayden.

The hay bale tree lit up the grounds of Powisset.

The hay bale tree lit up the grounds of Powisset.

As they enjoyed their snacks, many guests tried to create a lantern with some provided materials. With just a tin can, a hammer, some wire, and a snowflake pattern, attendees created festive candle-lit lanterns. “I feel like this is what elves do,” joked one teenager to his mom as he hammered in the pattern.

Soon, it was time to go outside for the main event. A crowd gathered in front of the hay bale tree. The audience listened to a brief introduction from DA Hayden about how the idea for the tree was conceived, and how excited the farm was to have everyone on hand to inaugurate this brand-new tradition. With the lights ready, a staff member flipped the switch, revealing a spectacular tree-like hay bale - including a specially-made tree topper. “It’s a Powisset Pig,” said Hayden with a smile as she eyed the illuminated tree topper. “We wanted some whimsy.”

Visitors were awed by the tree lighting - both by its creativity and how wonderfully the tree turned out. “This is really special! There’s nothing like this,” said visitor Fred Sears. “This is worth waiting for. It’s a great way to finish the day like this.”

Visitors can expect to see the hay bale tree at Powisset for the rest of the season - and, hopefully, next year.

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