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Library hosts cookie swap

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Dover Public Library is one of the most festive venues around. From celebrating Diwali to the Chinese New Year, there is never a lack of seasonal events. Most recently, the Library has begun to celebrate the current holiday season with a Cookie Swap. The first ever Cookie Swap, a sign outside of the library advertised the swap with encouragement to bring two dozen cookies to help along the swap.

“We were just trying of thinking of inclusive holiday kinds of things. People do a lot of baking this time of year so we thought we’d try it,” Nancy Tegeler, Head of Children’s Services, said. Around the library were scattered scrumptious looking cookies, decorated in all manner, some even looking like mini-Santa Clauses. “The staff has done these cookies and the idea being that people will come in with their own cookies and the idea being that after a gathering, people will fill a box with cookies to take home,” Tegeler explained. “It’s kind of a fun idea, but you never know what time of day is good for people, so hopefully it will pick up!”

Never ones to underplay a holiday, the library also hosts a wrapping station for those who wish to get some of their gift decoration done early. They also hosted an ornament-making event on Friday. “That’s a family event also. We like to do things that are family events so kids can be included too,” she said. In addition to the cookies, the library provided hot chocolate, cider, and coffee. “It’s still early, so hopefully it’ll pick up, but you never know - people are very busy at this time of the year, too!”

No matter the turnout, the cookies provided were delicious, and those in the library already enjoyed a taste of holiday cheer during their day.

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