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Kids crafts spook all

By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

On Thursday, October 10, kids travelled down to the children’s floor of the Dover Town Library to enjoy an autumn-themed craft party. There was a craft for every kid, with three different stations setup throughout the room. The program, designed by Liz, the librarian assistant, was open to kids of all ages.

The monster bag station had kids forming a monster factory to rival Victor Frankenstein’s own. Supplied with a variety of vibrant colored paper bags, feathers, markers, and construction paper, as well as different-shaped hole punchers and googly eyes, the kids were able to make any monster they could dream up. “The only limit is your imagination,” said Liz.

“I’m going to put on a bunch of legs,” said one kid who had already glued over half a dozen googly eyes to her monster bag.

“It’s perfect!” exclaimed one kid as they meticulously glued more eyes onto their bag creation.

Next to the mash of monsters was a lantern craft. After being handed their clear jars, the kids used a brush to add glue to the vessels before smoothing on squares of tissue paper. After completely covering their jars, the kids placed flickering candles inside to make them lanterns (the candles were of the electronic variety, negating the risk of fire).

Some kids covered their jars in an array of orange tones, fittingly for the season. “I want to make a Jack-o-lantern,” said Grayson. Once the tissue paper on her jar had dried, Grayson used a black marker to add eyes and a mouth, completing the transformation.

The last craft had attendees creating a pumpkin flip-book. The pumpkin-shaped books were split into three sections, with a few layers of moveable pages for kids to decorate. This was especially appealing to older kids, since it stretched their imagination to make every single page different. One child enjoyed make sure each eye section had a different number of googly eyes, while another enjoyed drawing different eyes to match different expressions for each page.

When they were finished with their craft, the kids left the library with three new seasonal decorations in hand, all created by themselves. Though it’s only the middle of the month, these kids are more than ready to get into spirit for Halloween.

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