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A girl with kaleidoscope skies

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By Laura Drinan
Hometown Weekly Reporter

It was a quiet afternoon in the Dover Town Library. Upstairs, only hushed chatter and the sound of pages turning broke the silence.

Hanging on the walls, however, were riots of color.

The prints, influenced by the colors and patterns one sees in a kaleidoscope, belonged to Kira Seamon.

Kira waltzed into the library, modeling the shawl that she dyed herself, positively inspired by colors from her prints. Tucked behind her ear and adding the finishing touch to her perfectly curled hair was a fresh, tropical flower with brown polka dots on one of the petals. Her metallic orange lips formed a smile as she saw her photos hanging throughout the library.

Using an iPhone and kaleidoscope lens, Kira Seamon creates unique and intricate prints of fall foliage in Dover.

Using an iPhone and kaleidoscope lens, Kira Seamon creates unique and intricate prints of fall foliage in Dover.

Library patrons admired the work from afar, enjoying the pops of color splashed onto the otherwise dull walls. Soon, the artist approached some of the patrons, inviting them to get a closer look at her prints and hear a bit about their inception. Charmed by Kira’s bubbly and lively spirit, several of the library goers joined her in front of the prints, inspecting the intricate geometric designs of her collection, entitled “Stained Glass Sky.”

The viewers wondered just how such a magnificent print could be created. They wondered: did Kira paint them? Could she have constructed each print with tiny pieces of colorful paper?

Admitting that she had very little artistic talent, Kira revealed that she used an iPhone and a special lens that created a kaleidoscope effect. However, the unique art form does require an extremely keen eye for color.

Before all of the trees became barren, Kira visited the Dover Town Library with her smart phone and lens to snap photos of the foliage surrounding the library. She took hundreds of photos while she had the company of sunlight, testing different angles and subjects.

“I never know until I look later how the photos are going to turn out. But the most amazing thing about them is that I don’t color correct them, so you’re seeing the actual colors that were outside that day,” said Kira, explaining that color enhancements in a photo editing program were not necessary for her work.

“I just love how you’ve really combined art and technology,” one of the library-goers said to Kira, amazed that an iPhone could yield such photos. She elaborated that Kira’s work is the precise reason that art has been added to STEM, the abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Kira’s exhibit will be on display in the Dover Town Library through the end of the month, and will be featuring new photos from her winter collection, as she will continue to spread her brilliant work with nearby libraries in the New Year.

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