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Dual September 1 elections announced

Sherborn's Town Clerk provided an update for residents on the looming election taking place on September 1, 2020. On that day, residents of Sherborn will vote in the State Primary and the Special Town Election.

Residents who want to vote by mail for both the Special Town Election and the State Primary must check "All 2020 Elections" on the vote by mail application. Those who do so will receive two ballots and two affidavit envelopes with detailed instructions about the process. More information about the vote by mail option can be found here.

Voters who are not enrolled or are registered with a political designation need to check off which primary ballot they want to receive. Voters who do not take this step will not be mailed a primary ballot.

Those who wish to vote in person will be able to do so through early voting from August 22 through August 28, or on September 1.

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