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DTL crafters create magical fairy gardens

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

The Dover Town Library (DTL) is a hub for year-round creativity.

As they do at all libraries, patrons at the DTL feed their minds with the hottest page-turners -- but in Dover, there are plenty of other events that keep the space bustling, and inventive minds active. Case in point: as part of the summer camp crafts program, the library recently hosted a fairy garden workshop.

Creating a perfect habitat for tiny creatures was especially fun for children in Dover; big imaginations ran wild with plans and crafters got to work building miniature, fairy-sized dwellings. Craft materials were gathered, integrating outdoor elements to bring the fairy gardens to life. Rocks, sticks, leaves, acorns and moss all gave a natural feel to the craft. Colorful pompoms, beads, and pipe cleaners were also available to fit any unique fairy theme.

“The kids really enjoyed getting creative with all kinds of material," explained Head of Children’s Services Nancy Tegeler. "We’re wrapping up the summer now, but it’s been amazing.”

Previous crafts such as slime and kindness rocks were extremely popular, and some children are repeat crafters who haven’t missed a week. With the help of teen volunteers, the event allowed children to create without limitation. Mushroom gardens, colorful beaded archways, and floral oases cropped up in a bloom of innovation.

With only a few weeks left to read for the Beyond the Beaten Path summer reading challenge, Tegeler and Library Assistant/Young Adult Librarian Liam O’Keefe shared their fondness for the program. “All of these crafts have been open-ended. There’s room for all ages and skills.” Tegeler stated.

“There’s no right way to do this,” O’Keefe chimed in.

The library fosters creativity in many forms and encourages everyone to express themselves. Catch the rest of summer reading programs at the library and find out more at

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