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Dover Library hosts annual Big Truck Day

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

As technology advances and children seem to grow up faster and faster, there are few things that remain the same. One thing that remains consistent is a love and fascination with trucks.

That’s why, for the past 10 years, the Dover Library has hosted Big Truck Day. This year, the parade of trucks appeared outside the library on July 11 from noon to 2:00 p.m.

“It’s a longstanding tradition,” Nancy Tegeler, Head of Children’s Services, said. “The library publicizes it, but the highway department puts it up and they’re great. They set it all up.”

Craig Hughes, Superintendent of Streets, is the event’s main organizer. This year, the trucks on display included an ambulance, firetruck, tow truck, police car, in addition to a variety of others.

What’s so great about Big Truck Day is that children of all ages are invited to really experience the trucks, including sitting in the driver’s seat and touching the steering wheel and other controls. “I think it really takes away some of the mystery behind these trucks,” Tegeler said.

All of the drivers of the various trucks were also in attendance to answer any questions about their vehicles. The ambulance and police car were some of the more popular vehicles on site. Children were allowed to climb in the back of the ambulance and lay down in a stretcher, an extremely exciting prospect. An officer remained near the police car to show kids what buttons they were allowed to press, and to instruct them to avoid setting off the sirens, which were exceptionally loud.

The cars provided the opportunity not only to explore the inner-workings of the vehicles, but also for fun and games. One pair of siblings, Arthur and Josie, wandered over to the police car, where Arthur proceeded to sit in the back seat. Josie sat in the front, and when her brother got out began to yell to her mom, “The criminal has escaped!”

This year’s Big Truck Day was wildly successful, with over 150 people coming over in the first hour alone. Fortunately, clouds earlier that day had dispersed, and all in attendance were treated to a sunny, fun-filled day.

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