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The Dover Days of our lives

By Daniel Curtin
Hometown Weekly Contributor

The Dover town common was alive with the sound of children's laughter. Dogs of all different shapes and breeds walked around, meeting their fellow canines with wagging tails. Community members walked back and forth up the street, greeting old friends and visiting the many stalls on the side of street. The cool, cloudy Saturday brought with it the promise of fall, and a crowd of neighbors celebrated their town at the annual Dover Days fair.

There were different games and activities set out for the young ones, offering them chances to win tokens that could be traded in for prizes, such as candy. One station had kids throwing balls at a target that would drop a cold bucket of water on volunteers who sat below, desperately defending themselves with squirt guns. Volunteers from the PTO braved the chilly waters in an effort to bring smiles to the friendly faces.


Among the activities and attractions, giant inflatable bouncy castles sat on the lawn in front of the library. One of the inflatable fortresses was an obstacle course that gave youngsters the chance to bounce, spin and tumble their way to the finish line.

Deena Aborjaily, the PTO fundraising chair, was making sure families would have a day they would not soon forget.

“We are really excited that we got a lot of new families to help and it is a good way for new families connect and become part of the community,” she said.


Linda Pettit has been living in Dover for more than 40 years and often took her four kids to the festivities over the years. Pettit was at Dover Day, enjoying the chance to see old friends at one of the best days in town.

“I think that supporting our town is just so important,” Pettit said.

Alexy Boudreau was at the Dover Days fair with her young children. “It’s community day. People come together, you see old friends, they get to see classmates,” Boudreau said. “I love the way the PTO comes together to run events for the kids.”

Photos by Daniel Curtin

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