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Concert on green entertains town

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

During the months of summer, families sometimes struggle to find activities that entertain both kids and adults alike. Adults want the chance to relax, while the kids are jumping at every opportunity to get out and do something fun during their time off from school.

But, with a free concert series taking in Sherborn, what’s not to love? At 6:30 on Wednesday, July 10, the community gathered on the Sherborn Town Green to enjoy one of these great concerts. 

BC & Company entertained the audience with their soulful tunes as people enjoyed the sunny evening. With the wails of trumpets and saxophones providing the soundtrack, kids danced about the lawn.

One group of children found a bubble machine waiting to be used, and with a flip of a switch, bubbles filled the air - as did the giggles from those who discovered it. Other kids played a game of tag, carefully running between blankets. One group of girls engaged in a friendly cartwheel competition, taking turns to see who could do the best one.

Adults, for their part, enjoyed the sounds of their own picnics, including the soft snap of opening drink cans and the quiet, casual chatter of friends, as the music played. 

A girl receives her after dinner treat: a strawberry shortcake bar.

A girl receives her after dinner treat: a strawberry shortcake bar.

Those in attendance had more to feast on than just music and good company, though. Some people went straight to the food booth to pick up local grub for dinner. This week’s featured fare was barbecue, and attendees relished filling their plates with pulled pork, ribs, and mac & cheese. Retreating back to their blankets, kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed their meals. Before long, though, the children were off back to their games.

A golden retriever named Chewbacca, meanwhile, made his attempts to earn food from people, using his specialized puppy dog eyes tactic. He was successful and received a piece of pulled pork for his efforts.

When dinner was over, many kids wondered if there would be dessert - a concern that was addressed just a few minutes after dinner, when an ice cream truck pulled into the parking lot. Kids and adults flocked to the truck, enjoying bomb pops, cartoonish ice cream bars, and snow cones.

The concert provided a perfect opportunity for adults and kids alike to get out and enjoy the summer evening with friends. Whether they came for the music, the food, the company, or the games, everyone left happy.

Two more Wednesday concerts are scheduled: July 24 will bring classic rockers Group Therapy to the green, while July 31 will feature Beatles cover band The Day Trippers.

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