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In Westwood, snow must go on

By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

New Englanders love to brag about how tough they are due to the nature of their harrowing winters. This past winter found many Westwood residents unable to brag about their super-human ability to shovel or withstand freezing temperatures, instead offering up unusually mild days, including a few inconceivably balmy days in February. Realists knew, however, that this couldn’t last. And last it did not.

Karma brought about a foot of snow during the day on Tuesday, which turned to rain at night, promptly freezing to offer up the worst conditions New England has to offer.

The wet, heavy snow resulted in particularly difficult plowing and shoveling. Many complained the following day that despite the roads being cleared, the snow still presented numerous obstacles, mostly with regards to parking. Westwood Public Schools cancelled school for Tuesday relatively early on Monday, much to the joy of Westwood students. By chance, March 15 was a planned half day. Prepared for the incoming weather, school resumed Wednesday morning at its normal time, however students were let out hours earlier than a regular day. For Westwood students, this storm could not have come at a better time.

Due to the rainfall at Tuesday’s end, Wednesday offered up some slippery sidewalks. Walking conditioners were less than ideal, and wipe-outs were rather frequent. Groans could be heard across New England as forecasts predicted more snowfall over the weekend. To the disappointment of Westwood students, this snow failed to materialize.

With April vacation approaching fast, March’s cold weather and snow seemed out of place. Those who believed we were out of the woods in February were certainly bitter.

With spring officially upon us, let’s hope this truly is the end to winter’s dastardly weather.

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