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Wellesley Mothers Forum starts 2018-2019 year

The Wellesley Mothers Forum announced the start of the 2018-2019 membership year at its recent kickoff event held at the Wellesley College Club. Co-Presidents Bettina Janco and Ariane Misialek are leading the Wellesley Mothers Forum this year, with 65 dedicated volunteers. The new board of directors and committee volunteers are proud to provide opportunities for over 500 local mothers to come together with the goal of establishing a long-term support network. The organization strives to help women maintain their individuality, creativity, confidence and emotional health while doing the best, and hardest, job of all — parenting.

The Wellesley Mothers Forum allows members to share information and advice on a wide range of topics through online discussion and message boards. Subgroups such as Moms of Children with Special Needs, Working Moms, Playgroups, Children Entering Kindergarten, Meals for Moms, and a variety of social groups provide further opportunities to connect with members who share similar interests or are in need of support.

As the WMF enters a new year, there will be exciting lectures on topics including teaching your child confidence, helping kids make and keep friendships, managing stressful situations, and sibling rivalry, just to name a few. Members benefit from the Merchant Discount Program (over 160 merchants), as well as many events for moms and the whole family, such as Morses Pond Family Picnic, Fall Carnival, Halloween Party, Cookie Swap, and various children’s events and Moms Nights Outs throughout the year.

Membership is open to residents of Wellesley and surrounding towns. To join, visit

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