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Walpole’s Dorion leads ‘Learning to See’

On July 26 at the Walpole Town Hall, Phil Dorion hosted 28 photographers, all of whom wanted to hear about the photography program he has developed, aptly named “Learning to See.”

Phil talked about creativity and some of the restrictions we place upon ourselves in that pursuit. He suggested that everyone should ask what it is about photography that they are drawn to, and why they want to create images in the first place.

From there, it was on to a discussion of how complicated and overwhelming it may be for an individual to acquire the skills necessary to create good images.

The core of Dorion’s program rests on the idea that photography is about process rather than outcome.

Phil explained how the process could be simplified or structured in such a way that the first and foremost consideration of design in the photograph is realized; the technical considerations should be reflexive in nature.

It takes time to develop an eye.

To find out more, contact Phil at

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