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Juggling workshop scheduled at library

For thousands of years, people have been entertaining themselves, as well as onlookers, as they seemingly suspend gravity, time, and space while tossing multiple objects into the air, deftly catching and re-tossing them continuously. There is even a depiction of juggling found inside the tomb of an Egyptian prince who was buried around 4000 years ago. Apparently, juggling was one of the sweet pleasures that the prince hoped to experience in the afterlife.

Adept jugglers have fascinated crowds of people of all ages and cultures, and many have made at least a part-time profession of their skill.

Many amateurs have made juggling a kind of sport that can be enjoyed alone, as well as with friends and family. With very little equipment and cost, jugglers can enjoy watching their skills increase with practice. This pleasure can be well enhanced with advice and tips from those who have some experience - and there will be just such a fun opportunity to seek such guidance in Walpole this month.

Philip Czachorowski will return to the Walpole Public Library with three Monday evening sessions of his free juggling workshops. Beginners or experienced jugglers of high school age and older are welcome. Attendees can learn from the beginning, or come to work on their present skills. Experienced jugglers will be able to practice passing balls with other jugglers. Any or all of the workshops can be attended free of charge because of sponsorship by the Friends of the Walpole Public Library. The sessions will run from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Children’s Program Room in the library, located on 143 School Street, on August 13, 20, and 27.

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