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February closes out a mild winter in Walpole

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February was bracketed by a 64-degree maximum on February 1 and a 65-degree maximum on February 29.

Within the month, there was an additional day of over 60-degree weather and seven more days exceeding 50 degrees. The record low for the month was set on February 14 with a temperature of -12 degrees.

Winter moved in on February 5 when rain changed to a heavy wet snow, amounting to 9.7 inches in total, and caused lots of tree damage. Winter weather exited on February 16.

The low on February 15 of -6 degrees was not a record for the date. Six days in that period did not manage to make it to the freezing mark. Last February, 22 days did not reach freezing.
The average for the month was 32.9 degrees, which was 2.5 degrees above normal, and the warmest February since 2012. Total precipitation for the month was 4.43 inches, which is 0.89 inches above normal. Snowfall totaled 15.8 inches, which is 3.9 inches above normal. The ice came out of Cobb’s Pond on the February 25.

Daily high minimum temperature records were set on the February 4, 25, and 29, with 45 degrees, 43 degrees and 40 degrees respectively. The 65-degree maximum on February 29 was the high for the month, and a new record for the date.

The three winter months, with an average temperature of 35.7 degrees, was only 0.1 degree below the average for the warmest winter of record in 2001 – 2002.
This winter saw a total of 34 days reaching 50 degrees, including six that reached 60 degrees.

With the close of winter, average temperatures increase by one degree every three days until summer arrives. The likelihood of a heavy snow storm decreases rapidly, but is not out of the question.

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