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Marlins named Most Improved Team

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The Medfield Marlins Suburban Summer Swim team made great progress this summer, as the season came to a close on August 11 in the A Regional Championships at Gath Pond in Newton.

The Marlins were named the league’s Most Improved Team thanks to a collective number of significant contributions and put together a strong performance to close the season, with two swimmers earning first-place finishes.

Jordan Iovino placed sixth in the 9-10 girls 25-yard butterfly. Quinn Borchers finished second in the 11-12 boys 50-yard butterfly and placed first in the 11-12 boys 50-yard freestyle.

Brandon Sahr finished third in the 13-14 boys 50-yard butterfly, while Kylie Herbstzuber finished fourth in the 13-14 girls 50-yard freestyle and fifth in the 13-14 girls 50-yard breaststroke.

Nora Herbstzuber, took home first in the 11-12 girls 50-yard breaststroke and finished third in the 11-12 girls backstroke.

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