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Dover’s Kocher setting records at Dartmouth

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By Michael Flanagan
Hometown Weekly Sports Editor

Dover native Sophia Kocher is making a name for herself this fall at Dartmouth College, where the sophomore is helping lead the school’s varsity equestrian team and was recently named Dartmouth’s Athlete of the Week.

Kocher’s recognition came after she won her Advanced Walk Trot canter class at Middlebury College, making her the first rider at Dartmouth to win at every single regular season competition (six IHSA shows). Riders get seven points for first place and need 36 points to class up to the next level. Kocher’s win also qualified her for Regionals and moved her up to Novice Flat and Fences.

“I’ve always been interested in and loved horses, but I had never actually formally competed,” Kocher told The Dartmouth’s Justin Kramer. “I mostly just rode for fun growing up. My family lives on a farm, so I had two horses, and we have a small ring. Most of where I rode growing up was at my house with trainers who would come and coach me, but mostly it’s just been something that I love to do.”

When it comes to her personal success, a humbled Kocher says that she’s proud of what she has accomplished but that the team’s overall result is what matters the most.

“I definitely think it’s an honor,” said Kocher on her accomplishments. “I’m proud of it, but I was never really focused on my individual performance. I feel like I was always more concerned with, ‘I want to do well so the team does well and can do well at Regionals.’ That was more of what I was focused on. It’s been awesome.”

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Photo by Dartmouth College Athletics

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