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Zullo Gallery displays student-faculty exhibit

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Each year, the Zullo Gallery in Medfield presents the Visual Arts Department of Medfield’s public schools with an opportunity to display the work of students and their teachers. This year, the 22nd annual Student-Faculty Art Exhibition runs from April 1 to the 23rd. The student work displayed in this exhibit is a cross section of the entire K through 12 curriculum, supported by the underlying principles of visual discrimination and awareness, personal expression, and the role of choice in art. Each piece was selected due to its exemplary representation of a concept or skill that is part of the art studio curriculum.

The work presented demonstrates the exceptional work that students, and teachers, are doing in the Medfield Public Schools. Students are offered unique opportunities, such as taking Graphic Design. “In Graphic Design 1, students are introduced to design thinking on a project called Superhero, in which they first create a logo, then a costume, then a poster based on a list of questions they are asked to address regarding their superhero’s attributes,” one of the accompanying plaques read.

In Katharine Bourque’s work, “Xavier,” she explores the idea of Steampunk. Her work was done through a digital drawing program that she taught herself.

The students are also offered the opportunity to learn photography. In Photo 2, “we explore digital photography not only by making photos, but by manipulating them as well.” “Taylina,” a piece by Taylor Lipsy and Alina Wadness, is a work which combines both students faces. This helps the students learn Photoshop skills, but also explore concepts surrounding identity and relationships.

These concepts are explored at a higher level in Grade 11 (where Taylor and Alina are), however Morgan Reilly, a 7th grade student, explored the relationship between faces and moods in her piece, “Transparency Face.” This work also explores identity and relationships, simply at a different level.

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