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Scarves for cancer at Medfield Day

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Medfield Day attendees can help raise money for cancer by making a donation to the American Cancer Society in exchange for hand-knit scarves. Hand knit scarves will be provided free at Medfield Day, September 16, with a donation to the American Cancer Society. All proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Ann Thompson has been busily knitting since last year’s Medfield Day, and scarves of many different colors and styles, as well as lap robes and shawls, are available. New this year are caps. All are hand-knit. Last year, people picked up over 300 scarves, raising hundreds of dollars for the American Cancer Society.

The Knitting for a Cure scarves will be available at Booth 67, on North Street at the top of Meetinghouse Pond and near the church. The booth will be manned by volunteers, including a group of teenagers.

Donations can be made in cash or checks made out to the American Cancer Society.

For any questions, call Ann Thompson at (508-359-2519).

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