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Medfield Green celebrates successful decade

Ten years ago, four like-minded women, Jill Driscoll, Ingrid Nevins, Cheryl Patry and Megan Sullivan, got together and formed Medfield Green Moms. Its mission was simple: learning and sharing how to live green. They hosted meetings in various homes covering a range of interesting topics, and over time grew into the organization now known as Medfield Green. Medfield Green gave birth to Medfield Green Day, which expanded to Medfield Green Month, a community recycling and reuse event held every Saturday in May and October.

The excitement continues with Medfield Green embarking on a new chapter.

This fall, Medfield Green is transitioning into the Medfield chapter of the Savvy Women's Alliance. Erica Reilly and Helen Dewey will be the Co-Ambassadors for the chapter. The Savvy Women's Alliance is a national, non-profit network of community chapters creating a healthier and safer world by providing nontoxic living education. The Savvy Women's Alliance provides themed blog posts, networking possibilities with like-minded women in neighboring towns and across the country, lots of great resources and worthwhile information on nontoxic living.

The local Savvy Women’s Alliance chapter is designed for women beginning down a journey to nontoxic living: from women who would like to learn alongside others, to those who are battling cancer or fertility problems or whose children have inexplicable health problems, to women simply looking for what is actually safe to use in their homes.

The Savvy Women’s Alliance prides itself on answering questions like “Where should I start?”, “What should I use?” and “What do I need to know?” Women make up a powerful economic force, making 85% of consumer decisions in the average home. Kristi Marsh, founder and executive director of the Savvy Women’s Alliance said, “Savvy connects women eager to make a difference to a thriving community of change-makers; with companies making safe products and food so that they can flex their economic muscles to move the market; and with other nonprofits creating a safer and protective world.”

All are invited to celebrate Medfield Green’s 10th year on Wednesday, October 25, at 7 p.m. at Cilla's in Norfolk. Attendance is free and light refreshments will be served. There will be a cash bar. RSVP for planning purposes to or

For additional information, visit

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