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Local photographer featured at Medfield TV

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By Geena Matuson
Hometown Weekly Staff

Last Friday evening, the solo show reception for local photographer Chuck Ferullo was held at the Galleries at Medfield TV - and was a huge success. The show featured over twenty framed photographic works that spanned the genres - India, New England, macro close-up imagery, and more. Art prints were also made available, and they were selling left and right. Medfield resident for several decades, Ferullo is known by many around town, and the show was full of friends, family, and plenty of new faces who had heard of his work.

Chuck Ferullo is a self-taught photographer who purchased his first camera over 30 years ago in preparation for the birth of his first daughter. He remembers it like it was yesterday, “My first camera was all manual, a Fujica-STX1, a $99 camera with kit lens … my first experience was in the delivery room - and nothing developed. I didn’t know how to properly load film at that point!” Ferullo joked about mastering the camera as a self-taught photographer, “I can tell you all kinds of ways not to take a good photo.”

It’s hard to believe that someone with such an apparent eye for photography had ever struggled with the medium. Over the years, Ferullo has grown into a great photographer with a vast portfolio. He has lately garnered much attention for his local photography depicting nature scenes, macro close-up shots such as crystalized spider webs, and historical structures around town. However, what is most impressive about Chuck’s work is his ability to capture the everyday and make it almost otherworldly. For example, his piece ‘Medfield Center, 3 a.m.’ features the center of Medfield from a low-angle, looking up at the empty street and capturing the glow of the street lamps just after the rain. A photographer isn’t born when he or she buys a camera; a photographer is someone born with a unique viewpoint and the ability to visually communicate a different perspective. Chuck Ferullo is one such true photographer.

For those unable to attend the reception, Chuck’s solo show will be up at Medfield TV through December, so stroll over to the Galleries at Medfield TV, open to the public for viewing during normal business hours Monday through Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. The studio is located at 18 N. Meadows Road, and you can learn more online at

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