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Troop 1 developing next generation of leaders

One of the most valuable things scouting offers a Boy Scout is the opportunity to be a leader. Six students from Troop 1, Dover, broadened their leadership skills by attending National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) training last summer. Four scouts out of six attended this training at Cachelot Scout Reservation at South Carver, MA, and two scouts out of six attended the training at Boy Yawgoog Scout Reservation at Rockville, RI. The scouts from Troop 1 were between the ages 13 and 18 and were at least the rank of First Class. They all had leadership experience in their home troop in Dover, and had held positions such as Patrol Leader, Asst. Senior Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, etc. for one or more years.

NYLT trains scouts in the unified approach to leadership empowering them with skill and confidence to be the next generation of leaders.


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