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Fourth Graders Bring Greek Gods to Life in Dover

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Students in fourth grade at Charles River School recently “became” Greek Gods and Goddesses in a presentation before classmates, parents and faculty. Since the beginning of the academic year, members of their fourth grade class have been studying all aspects of Ancient Greece.

For this project, students researched the birth, relationships, special powers and myths associated with their God or Goddess. The presentations included a first-person speech about their deity, an original poem which each student performed “poetry slam” style (complete with hand and body motions) and an original portrait of their God or Goddess. Their enthusiasm was evident as they donned their chitons, or Greek robes, and made jokes about how they were born or their special powers.

Other elements of the class’ study of Ancient Greece include building their own temple, researching and designing their own Olympics, holding symposiums to discuss topics important to Ancient Greece and learning about Greek culture.

Through this thematic, hands-on study, students become personally invested in their learning.

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