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DS students on China exchange

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The Dover Sherborn High School China exchange is in full swing. The participants this year are three seniors, Jennifer Mutch, Hannah Bruce and Charlie Mandel. They are accompanied by Christine Babson, a Spanish teacher at DS Middle School. Along with Mr. Babson, who participated in the first few weeks of travel with the group, the four adventurers left Logan on Thursday, January 26, to fly to Hong Kong, arriving in time for the Lunar New Year.

For the first four weeks, the students and chaperones traveled all over China on an itinerary they designed during a fall modern Chinese history class at DS taught by Ms. Rebecca Vizulis, who started the program 15 years ago and continues to run it. After seeing many fabulous sites, the group arrived at Hangzhou High School on Wednesday, Feb. 22, where they will stay for about four weeks. Each student lives with a different home-stay family and Ms. Babson has her own apartment near the school.

Jenny, Hannah and Charlie attend classes with their home-stay siblings as well as their own special Chinese culture classes. They spend the rest of their days working on their DS schoolwork.

Hangzhou High School sent four exchange students to visit DSHS for four weeks this past fall. These visitors offered to host Charlie, Hannah and Jenny, making for a fun reunion when the DS contingent arrived at Hangzhou.

Every few days, the participants write a blog to share some of their amazing experiences. All the blogs from this year, and all the past years, can be found at the DSHS China Exchange web page.

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