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Westwood residents wow in NCT’s Ramona Quimby

Westwood residents Diane Rothauser and Anaiya Chowdry both shine as a part of Needham Community Theatre. The two were both heavily involved with the most recent production of Ramona Quimby at the Newman auditorium.The production, based on the children’s book by Beverly Cleary, delighted audiences with a nostalgic, colorful set and talented storytellers.

Rothauser serves as the publicity and marketing co-chair on the Board of NCT. She also was the hair and makeup designer for the production. Rothauser previously received the 2018/19 EMACT DASH Award for “Best Hair and Makeup Design” for a musical with NCT’s The Little Mermaid. Her design aided in the vision of bringing a youthful and bright production of Ramona Quimby to life. 

Anaiya Chowdry is naturally expressive and a phenomenal addition to NCT. As an ensemble member, the young artist makes her presence known as one of Ramona’s Imagination Monsters. Not in the original script, co-directors Morgan Flynn and Danielle Woods incorporated Imagination Monsters to involve more young actors in the production. Chowdry makes her imagination known and serves as an extension to Ramona Quimby’s creativity. She uses body language, collaboration with other actors, and her understanding of the craft to stand out as her own unique imaginative character. Chowdry and her mother, Aamina have bonded over NCT. Volunteering hours backstage to assist with makeup, style hair, chaperone children, sell candy grams, and help with other various tasks, Aamina was able to assist her NCT family as well as Anaiya.

Both Chowdry and Rothauser agree that the sense of belonging in Needham Community Theatre is a strong reason their shows are so successful. Rothauser mentions that her favorite thing about working on NCT shows is “the wonderful and supportive family and close-knit community atmosphere that is created and making new ‘forever friends.’” 

NCT’s Ramona Quimby is a dazzling production that brings professional-quality theatre to the area at an accessible rate. This show features a vibrant concept executed by two female co-directors and a fascinating original score by Chris Tess. Ramona Quimby ran for two more performances on May 13th and 14th at 2pm. 

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