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Westwood COA hosts Super Bowl party

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The entirety of New England was stunned on Super Bowl Sunday when the Patriots came back from a 25-point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons and win the game. The night of, people went crazy, running into the streets of Boston and partying the night away. However, a large number of people didn’t celebrate until Monday morning. Many of the seniors in attendance of the Westwood Council on Aging Super Bowl party were included in this demographic. Tired and unwilling to watch the Patriots be beaten down by the Falcons, many turned off their TVs and got into bed, only to wake up Monday morning ecstatic to hear the news.

When the Director of the Westwood COA, Linda Arena-DeRosa, got in on Monday, she thought, why not have a party? And so came to be the first ever Westwood Council on Aging Super Bowl Party. Within five hours, 40 people had already signed up to come. While some were deterred by the weather, a great number of people came out to enjoy the company of others in a festive setting while watching the Patriots’ celebration parade on TV.

“Everyone, go get seconds and thirds! We have too much food!” Arena-DeRosa urged all in attendance. “I always get too much food,” she added. While that may be true, those who came had a lovely time enjoying wings, pizza, salad, and delicious desserts.

“The point of this event is really to let people who are Patriots fans, who might be alone, have somewhere to celebrate,” Arena-DeRosa said. This event achieved just that. Awash in Patriots gear, décor and other fans, it was a truly joyful, festive event. One woman said: “My son is out there! He didn’t even go to work today, and I said, what?! But he said he had to go.”

Every few minutes, someone would shout out from the crowd: “Where is Tom Brady?!” Finally, Tom appeared on the screen and the whole room cheered in celebration.
Just goes to show that no matter what age, the City of Champions draws everyone in.

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