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Ornament decoration is holiday fun

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Westwood Public Library never lets an opportunity pass to offer a new or unique opportunity to kids. This past Wednesday, the children’s librarians offered kids and their parents the chance to make their own ornaments. While it was definitely a more involved process, it was an incredibly successful endeavor, allowing kids to take home a unique ornament in a box of their own creation.

Since the ornaments were glass, many parents stuck around to help with the process. The kids poured glue inside their ornaments and rolled them around so the glue was on every bit of the inside of the orb. Then, they were able to take pictures, fold them up, put them inside of the ornaments and use what the librarian dubbed a “magic wand” to unfold them and plaster them up against the side of the glass. The librarian brought in some extremely well-loved books and told the kids that this would be the only time they would let the kids rip a page out of the book. Some kids chose to make Cat in the Hat themed ornaments with the illustrations.

After the images came the glitter – lots and lots. The insides of the orbs were covered in every color glitter imaginable. The ornaments looked practically professional at the end, and were the perfect souvenir from the library for the holiday weekend.

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