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East St. Bridge reconstruction approved

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State Senator Mike Rush (D-Norfolk & Suffolk) and State Representative Paul McMurtry (D-Dedham) today announced that the MBTA Fiscal Management and Control Board and MassDOT have approved the contract for the Westwood East Street Bridge project that, due to height restrictions, has had problems in the past with trucks not clearing the structure. The value of the construction contract is for $11,703,000.

The project calls for an increase in the vertical clearance for the bridge by lowering the road, raising the train tracks, reducing the depth of the structure and widening the road adjacent to the bridge.

“Although the town has invested in many precautions to reduce the number of accidents at the site, it is time once and for all to permanently address the public safety concerns of the bridge,” said State Senator Mike Rush. “I commend the MBTA and MassDOT for listening to the apprehensions of the residents and officials of Westwood to address this hazard.”

“I am pleased to see this project moving forward with the support of MassDOT and the MBTA,” said Representative McMurtry. “The safety of our roads and bridges cannot be overstated and I hope this will resolve the issues concerning this heavily-trafficked road for the foreseeable future.”

Westwood Town Administrator Mike Jaillet, on behalf of the Board of Selectmen, said “The Westwood Board of Selectmen very much appreciates the support from Senator Rush and Representative McMurtry in assisting the MBTA fund and address the narrow and low East Street Bridge that has resulted in frequent, serious accidents over the years.”  

Construction is planned to begin in Fall 2017, with the bridge move anticipated in the Summer of 2018 and with minimal street closures or disruption to the residents in the vicinity of the East St.

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