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Deerfield School presents winter concert

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By Laura Drinan
Hometown Weekly Reporter

With just days left before school vacation, students at Deerfield Elementary School knew it would be a long week.

Luckily, the fifth grade music students began the week with an exciting performance.

On December 18, the school hosted its annual winter concert, showcasing the fifth grade band and chorus.

Parents shuffled into the gymnasium, looking for seats as close to the first row as they could get to see the children perform. The younger children at Deerfield School joined the parents in the gym, as well, to watch the fifth graders and be inspired to try chorus or band.

Band conductor Lori Labedz greeted the students and families, and the concert commenced with an instrumental of the French folk song, “Frere Jacques,” followed by “Ode to Joy.” While most of the musicians have been playing their instrument for only one year, they played Beethoven’s 9th and “Rock Point 5,” the latter song including a chant from the band members.

Although some questionable notes made their way into the songs, the fifth graders’ confidence was unwavering, knowing that it takes years of practice to master their instruments. The children were overjoyed by the audience’s applause at the end of each song, grinning back at their parents and family members, but still managing to concentrate on the music.

To conclude the band performance, the fifth graders played “First Holiday Concert,” which included segments of “Jingle Bells,” “The Dreidel Song,” and “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.”

Lori Labedz conducts the fifth grade band’s performance at the Deerfield School winter concert. Photos by Laura Drinan

Lori Labedz conducts the fifth grade band’s performance at the Deerfield School winter concert. Photos by Laura Drinan

Turning their attention to chorus conductor Deana Saada-Smith, the fifth grade singers stood on the risers singing “Candlelight Canon,” accompanied by Tien Chen. As they sang, the students held battery-operated tea lights. Next, the group performed “Deedle Deedle Dai (Hanukah is the Reason Why),” after one student explained that while the lyrics do not have a real meaning, they are still fun to sing.

Between each song, students approached the microphone to announce why they enjoyed music. Some students said music class makes them feel confident and included, while others gave more elaborate reasons.

“Chorus makes me feel happy because of all the joyful songs,” another said.

“Music makes me feel like I want to sing in class all day,” said one student.

For their next song, the chorus performed “Antiphonal Deck the Hall,” with some students ringing handbells throughout the piece. To end their concert, the kids sang a sweet song known as “Hot Chocolate!” While it left many in the gymnasium craving hot chocolate, the performance did bring a warm feeling to audience.

Although the students longed for Friday to come as soon as possible, the Deerfield School winter concert ensured that the students would be beginning the week on a good note.

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